Top tips to help your child learn better at home!

Updated: May 30

We all know during the lockdown it was a challenging time and home learning became the new norm. Here are some tips to help you be able to continue home learning during weekends and the summer break that is about to arrive. Each week we will post two new tips.

Setting up a learning environment

1.Have a space just for learning.

This will help your child remain focus and understand that they are in their learning space.

2. Get rid of distractions.

Remove all mobile phones and tablets not related to their learning. Remember some children might like calm music in the background.

3. Have a timetable.

Ensure you are organise and have a timetable of the learning so children know what is coming up next.

Have a routine

1.Have a mini schedule

Children are use to having a schedule at school so it important that children keep that at home.

2. Have small breaks.

Young children need small breaks between tasks which can help them to remain focus.

3. Schedule a few minutes to go outside.

Getting physical is important to stay healthy. A few minutes outside can help a child to get back on task much quicker.

4. Consider your needs as a parent.

It is important to schedule in the thing you also need to do especially if you are also working from home. Getting your child to do some independent work or an education video is perfectly fine.

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